Klothe-A-Kid - Offering free clothing to families in need

Klothe-a-Kid is a non-profit organization that was started in 2011.  We travel all over the state of Kentucky seeking out the poorest areas we can find, in an attempt to "FEED-KLOTHE-LOVE".  

We operate on donation.  People donate new and used clothes, shoes, socks, housewares, toiletries, etc and we redistribute them to families in need.  

We desire to be a building block to help inspire, encourage and bring hope to those having a difficult time, and also to assist not only physically but spiritually in helping them get to a better place in life.

Our mission statement is:

Our mission is to be a courageous and contagious, in your face, bold, genuine outpouring of the Father's Love.  We desire to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the hurting, neglected, forgotten, hungry, addicted and oppressed  To seek them out, meet them and love them right where they are, just as Jesus would do, and to offer a glimpse of what His Kingdom looks like.


We dream big and love big!!

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