Klothe-A-Kid - Offering free clothing to families in need

Klothe-A-Kid is an organization that was started in January 2011 designed to offer some relief to families living in poverty who have an immediate need of clothing, shoes, socks, underwear, coats and other items of necessity.
We are run strictly on donation.  We take in new and used clothing, food and toiletries and redistribute them to our local community as well as many other counties in Kentucky, Indiana and hopefully more states to come.  If you don't have clothing, food, or toiletries to donate, we also take monetary donations and the apply monies where needed.
Here is the latest update regarding our warehouse search... We will be renting warehouse space beginning on May 1, 2013 which will cost us around $500/mo.  This is rent plus utilities.  We are so excited and thankful for this opportunity to be able to expand and function in neat, orderly manner.   We do need sponsors/donors to help cover the cost.

We do intend to purchase this property.  We will continue raising funds to be able to do that.  If you have donated to the building fund or intend to, the funds will be kept in a separate account until we are able to purchase. As of October 2013 we are half way to our goal of $50,000 to purchase the warehouse and 11 acres it sits on. Yahoooo!

We are thankful you have taken the time to check us out!  Let us know if you would like to donate to the cause or if you are in need.  We will try to get back with you promptly.

If you would like to support us but don't have the money to donate, consider using a Kroger reloadable shopping card.  You can load whatever dollar amount you'd like on it, then shop as usual to purchase groceries, gas and prescriptions.  Kroger then donates 4% of your purchase to KAK.  It's a win/win with no extra out of pocket expense from you.
If interested contact Kristi Ballard at 502-807-1370 or email at katroyer2000@yahoo.com.


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